Oh, The Places We’ll Be….in Canada

By: Trisha Yanke

Okay, I’ve been meaning to give a rundown of the places we’ve actually already booked for our Summer 2017 Twinnebago Trip.  I did make a previous post about our Newfoundland bookings (the day after we made them); but we actually already had a few other spots picked out and booked at that point.  (The list of posts I want to make, in order to ‘catch up’ with where our plans are at right now, is slowly getting checked off!)The first two campgrounds we booked were Cavendish Campground in Prince Edward Island, and Chignecto Campground in Fundy National Park, New Brunswick.  We didn’t start out intending to specifically stay in National Parks, but with this summer marking Canada’s 150th birthday the Canadian government has waved all National Park entrance fees for the year.  What better opportunity to explore a few of them!  Get your free Parks Canada Discovery Pass 2017, and check out a few parks of your own!  (Wow, I sound like a promotional pamphlet……)

We plan to stay 4 nights at Cavendish Campground(our next stop after Newfoundland).  I don’t know if I should be embarrassed to admit this, or not, but my knowledge of P.E.I. is quite limited.   When I think of this island province I think: “Red dirt, Confederation Bridge, and Anne of Green Gables”.  How very ‘tourist-y’ of me, right!!?!?  But that’s one of the amazing things about travelling.  I intend to leave there with more than just those 3 little tidbits of information.  And not only that, but I know in the months leading up to our trip I will be researching “things to do”, “history of the area”……and basically anything else I can think of that will help me count down the days to our travel departure!  (I’ve found that the anticipation and planning of a trip always helps make the long…..long….long northern Manitoba winter seem a little shorter.)

From P.E.I. we will head over to Fundy National Park, New Brunswick.  We have 3 days booked in the Chignecto campground.  The Bay of Fundy is the location of the highest tides in the world.  We plan to make a visit to the, ever famous, Hopewell Rocks; located only about half an hour from our campground.  Here’s a picture of them at low tide from the tourism New Brunswick website.


The only other stop we have booked in Canada, so far, is our very first night on the road.  We intend to make it as far as Thunder Bay, Ontario; and then stay at the Fort William Historical Park.  (Check out their website here!)

We have a lot of country to cover between there and our overnight ferry to Newfoundland (a little over 3,000 kilometers/1,900 miles actually…).  Nothing else has been booked yet for this in-between stretch, but we are in the works of booking a couple of nights in Ottawa.  We also have an idea of where we’d like to stay for one night between there and the ferry port in Nova Scotia.   So much driving!



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