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Keep Calm, and Make a List

Camping lists.  I have a few of these.  I save them on my computer so I can look them up each year.  With our camping season only lasting from late May to mid September (if I’m being generous) there are many months of waiting and forgetting in between seasons!  I have a general packing list.  I have a food packing list.  I have a list of good camping meals (with their specific ingredients).  I recently (this past summer) added a list of “what’s in the camper”, because every summer when we pack down for the winter I assume I will remember that next year we need more coffee filters, or that I still have plenty of saran wrap.  And then, every June/July I sit in my kitchen packing and wondering what I still had/needed in the trailer.  Continue reading Keep Calm, and Make a List

Onward and Westward

By: Trisha Yanke

The last day or two have seen us looking west.  Well…..west of where we last booked campsites anyways – this whole trip is, otherwise, east of us!  The guys (Dale and Erick) finally sat down this week and booked the 5 baseball games they will be going to.  That number has been up and down over the last month, and it feels good to finally have the decisions made and the tickets booked!  Continue reading Onward and Westward

A Late Start


By:  Trisha Yanke

When we originally talked about starting a blog it was late August.  And now it’s February.  Needless to say, we were not really ‘on-the-ball’.  We spent the Fall looking at trailer options, comparing prices, comparing dealerships, and watching a lot of YouTube videos.  (There are lots of videos out there if you want a dealership ‘walkthrough’ – which is great; but we had a lot harder time finding actual customer review videos).   We live in a pretty remote community, and the nearest dealerships are a good 12 hour drive from us.  We were depending a LOT on pictures, videos, reviews, and our one planned trip to actually see some trailers in person. Continue reading A Late Start