What We’ve Planned

By: Trisha Yanke

I’ve sort of been playing catch-up with these first few blog posts.  Like I said before, the original plan was to blog our way through the fall and all of our trailer buying choices, along with our trip planning.  With the late start to the blog, it was inevitable that some of these decisions and plans would have already been made.  So, here’s a bit of the backstory as to where we are with travel plans today!

We knew we wanted to aim for August with our trip.  We also knew we had to plan everything around the baseball games, since they were the one thing with a set date and time.  Dale and Erick pulled schedules for a number of the east coast teams, and pointed out which ones were their priorities (ie – games they absolutely, for sure wanted to see).  Priority games included Chicago White Sox at Boston Red Sox on August 6,  Boston Red Sox at New York Yankees on August 11, and Toronto Blue Jays at Chicago Cubs on August 18, 19 and 20 (they’d pick one).  Once we had those dates written on our calendar, we looked to see what other games were happening in the areas where we’d be, near the dates we’d be there.  These are the ones we were pretty sure we could make it to:


For a number of weeks this WAS our plan.  With Canadian stops in Ottawa, PEI and Bay of Fundy (New Brunswick side) before we crossed the border on August long weekend.  And then?  And then we contemplated Newfoundland. (Which, if you’ve read my previous posts, you’ll realize we did end up booking/planning for).  Adding those extra days to the first/Canadian half of our trip meant we needed to save some time, money and kilometers/miles somewhere else.  Our trip was supposed to end with about 5 days at Wisconsin Dells.  We decided to skip that, in favour of 5 days at the beginning of the trip in Newfoundland.  The logic?  It’s a LONG way for us to get out to the east coast, we wanted to maximize on our time spent there.  The Dells is always a lot closer to get to, and we can more easily do it another year.

We also talked about saving some money and driving-wear-and-tear by skipping 2 of the baseball games that the guys didn’t care as much about.  We decided to cut out the Washington and Pittsburgh games.  An added bonus to this was that we would not need to do as many 1 or 2 night stops in order to make it to all the other games.

We knew right from the start of our planning that no matter where we went, we were sure to wish we had more time there.  This kind of trip really won’t be a full immersion into anywhere, but more like a buffet sampling of many places.



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