Onward and Westward

By: Trisha Yanke

The last day or two have seen us looking west.  Well…..west of where we last booked campsites anyways – this whole trip is, otherwise, east of us!  The guys (Dale and Erick) finally sat down this week and booked the 5 baseball games they will be going to.  That number has been up and down over the last month, and it feels good to finally have the decisions made and the tickets booked!  Continue reading Onward and Westward



By: Trisha Yanke

We’ve talked about how one thing we want to do when we get out to the east coast is go on a whale watching tour.  Before we had considered going to Newfoundland, I just assumed we would do it when we were at the Bay of Fundy in New Brunswick; but now we have options!  By doing a quick google search for Whale Tour options in each location, I found there were a lot more options in Newfoundland.  Continue reading Ahoy!