Oh, The Places We’ll Be….in Canada

By: Trisha Yanke

Okay, I’ve been meaning to give a rundown of the places we’ve actually already booked for our Summer 2017 Twinnebago Trip.  I did make a previous post about our Newfoundland bookings (the day after we made them); but we actually already had a few other spots picked out and booked at that point.  (The list of posts I want to make, in order to ‘catch up’ with where our plans are at right now, is slowly getting checked off!) Continue reading Oh, The Places We’ll Be….in Canada

What We’ve Planned

By: Trisha Yanke

I’ve sort of been playing catch-up with these first few blog posts.  Like I said before, the original plan was to blog our way through the fall and all of our trailer buying choices, along with our trip planning.  With the late start to the blog, it was inevitable that some of these decisions and plans would have already been made.  So, here’s a bit of the backstory as to where we are with travel plans today! Continue reading What We’ve Planned

A Late Start


By:  Trisha Yanke

When we originally talked about starting a blog it was late August.  And now it’s February.  Needless to say, we were not really ‘on-the-ball’.  We spent the Fall looking at trailer options, comparing prices, comparing dealerships, and watching a lot of YouTube videos.  (There are lots of videos out there if you want a dealership ‘walkthrough’ – which is great; but we had a lot harder time finding actual customer review videos).   We live in a pretty remote community, and the nearest dealerships are a good 12 hour drive from us.  We were depending a LOT on pictures, videos, reviews, and our one planned trip to actually see some trailers in person. Continue reading A Late Start