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Travel on a Budget…. Can we do it?

This camper purchase is a pretty big deal. We didn’t just go through our pocket change one day and say, “Hey! We have enough for a camper here! Let’s go buy one!” Continue reading Travel on a Budget…. Can we do it?

50 Days and Counting

This feels like it has been the longest wait! From sitting around the campfire discussing the idea of going on an epic road trip one summer to finally heading out on that trip the next summer. But it’s coming! 2 families, 2 trailers, 5 weeks, 5 baseball stadiums, 7 kids, 7 provinces, 13 states, maybe 14, 10,000 kms and zero experience! Whether we like it or not this WILL be an adventure and we all hope we’ll come back still loving each other! Continue reading 50 Days and Counting