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The Island currently known as Prince (Edward Island).

As we began to approach the east coast a few weeks ago, my kids started asking “Is this the place where we go over the huge bridge?”  Or, as we crossed any number of “large-ish” bridges:  “Was that the big bridge?”  I had been telling them, before we ever left home, about the big Confederation Bridge that stretched across from the main land (New Brunswick) into P.E.I. and they were imagining the things of fairy tales (I’m pretty sure). Continue reading The Island currently known as Prince (Edward Island).

Icebergs, and Vikings, and Whales….Oh My!

When I went to do laundry the other day, I walked in on Sherri waiting for her load to finish in the dryer.  She was in the middle of a conversation with a lady who was from a different part of the province, but who had been ‘touring’ the western portion of Newfoundland with her family.  They had actually just come from the northern peninsula (which is where our family was headed next).  She talked about a dinner they had gone to called “The Great Viking Feast”.  It included a buffet of local foods, and a “show”.  Intrigued, we called ahead and made reservations for the next night. Continue reading Icebergs, and Vikings, and Whales….Oh My!

Day 6 – Moncton to North Sydney

This day was going to be our shortest drive yet!  According to Google Maps we needed just under 5 hours to do it.  Our experience thus far told us it would be more like 6+ hours, but still!  It sure was nice to sleep in, take our time with breakfast and packing, and get on the road by 11:00 am knowing we still had plenty of time to make it to our destination. Continue reading Day 6 – Moncton to North Sydney

Day 5 – Quebec City to Moncton, NB

Our drive this day was going to be slightly shorter than what we’d been doing up until this point (think 8-9 hours rather than 10-11), and so we didn’t feel as pressured to get up at the crack of dawn to be on the road.  That being said, we also didn’t want to get stuck in the parking lot once Walmart opened and cars started coming in!  Sherri and I had a quick discussion about where we should try to camp that night (near Moncton, NB), and decided on Stonehurst Golf Course and RV Park.  We called to make reservations, and were on the road by 9:00 am. Continue reading Day 5 – Quebec City to Moncton, NB

Day 4 – to Ottawa…..and beyond!

We got up early, in hopes of catching up to Sherri and Erick, who were about 2 ¾ hours ahead of us.  By the time they were up and leaving, we were only about 45 min. behind them.

As we worked our way towards Ottawa, we wondered how we could get in to see Parliament Hill (with our trailers in tow).  Dale suggested I just call their visitor information line, and so I did.  The guy suggested 3 options (there is no parking right at Parliament Hill) Continue reading Day 4 – to Ottawa…..and beyond!

Day 3 – Sault Ste. Marie to North Bay and Pembroke (Ontario)

(Okay, full disclosure:  this post is heavy on the writing and light on the pictures.  I’ll try to do better next time! ) 

Dale was up early today so he could be at the dealership by the time they opened at 8:00.  The rest of us took advantage of the fact that we could sleep in, since we knew we wouldn’t be leaving Sault Ste. Marie until at least noon now. Continue reading Day 3 – Sault Ste. Marie to North Bay and Pembroke (Ontario)

Day 2 – Thunder Bay to Sault Ste. Marie

Now that it was Monday, Dale’s first priority was to call the local (Thunder Bay) GMC dealerships to see if either of them happened to have a replacement rear suspension unit in stock; and an appointment available to fix it that day.  Yep, I know – it was a long shot, but it had been weighing on his mind the whole drive the day before.  Not surprisingly, neither place had one.  The second dealership, however, looked up whether anyone else in the area was carrying one.  We asked him if he could check in Sault. Ste. Marie (as that’s where we were headed next).  In an answer to prayer, it turns out they did!  Dale quickly called that dealership.  They did indeed have the part and put it on reservation for him.  They were also able to get us in first thing the next morning to repair it.  This was going to affect our travel plans a bit, as we had another 800 kms planned for Tuesday, and we now would not be leaving until at least noon. Continue reading Day 2 – Thunder Bay to Sault Ste. Marie

Day 1 – Winnipeg to Thunder Bay


Well, today was our first day heading into new territory.  Despite the 1000 km we’d already travelled to get to Winnipeg, it didn’t really feel like we were doing anything different until we set out from there.  (We do that Winnipeg trip at least once or twice a year to visit family.)  The day started early and with a bang!  Literally.  A bang.  Continue reading Day 1 – Winnipeg to Thunder Bay

And so it Begins

Our Epic Journey of summer 2017 has FINALLY begun.  Well, sort of.  The first order of business was to head south and pick our trailers up out of storage.  I hear many people talk about how their trailers are stored away from home; like, even up to 2 hours away!  Well, ours were stored about 12 hours away.  The long distance to get to anywhere/do anything kind of becomes “par for the course” when you live in the somewhat remote regions of northern Manitoba.

We took it in two parts to get to the south (Winnipeg area).  The first day was simply the trip out from our town to the next big city.  At one point, near the start of the drive, you have to cross over a dam.  When coming home I always watch for this dam – it’s the point at which I feel like we’re home (even though it’s 20 min. from town).  Our oldest gets very concerned if Dale drives too slowly across (not that you can drive fast either).  It IS kind of cool (scary?) to look to one side and see the water almost up to the road height; then look to the other side and see it plunging multiple stories to meet the river below.


Once past the dam, it’s about a 3.5 hour drive down this road:


It’s been a summer of construction along this provincial road!  Thankfully, delays aren’t usually very long.


Our two families spent that first night in a hotel (well, 2 different hotels actually).  The one (newer) hotel that the Herrera’s stayed at won’t let us stay there anymore.  Intrigued?  This story involves tears, drugs, and a trip to the hospital.  Okay: I had another baby, and our family is now too big to stay in any of their rooms.

The next day we headed out on the 700 km drive to Winnipeg.  Herrera’s had a quick appointment first, then they also hit the road.  We had to stop just north of Winnipeg to drop off some things we were transporting down for my friend Ricci (who very recently moved south *sniff sniff tear*), and for Herrera’s to pick up their trailer – which was stored at Ricci and Steve’s new house.  The kids got a chance to run around; we got a chance for a quick visit; and then it was off to my parents house where our trailer was stored.

We spent 2 nights there, us in the house, Herrera’s in their trailer.  This gave us one day to do any last minute grocery shopping, supply buying, camper packing/arranging and get to various appointments.