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Day 2 – Thunder Bay to Sault Ste. Marie

Now that it was Monday, Dale’s first priority was to call the local (Thunder Bay) GMC dealerships to see if either of them happened to have a replacement rear suspension unit in stock; and an appointment available to fix it that day.  Yep, I know – it was a long shot, but it had been weighing on his mind the whole drive the day before.  Not surprisingly, neither place had one.  The second dealership, however, looked up whether anyone else in the area was carrying one.  We asked him if he could check in Sault. Ste. Marie (as that’s where we were headed next).  In an answer to prayer, it turns out they did!  Dale quickly called that dealership.  They did indeed have the part and put it on reservation for him.  They were also able to get us in first thing the next morning to repair it.  This was going to affect our travel plans a bit, as we had another 800 kms planned for Tuesday, and we now would not be leaving until at least noon. Continue reading Day 2 – Thunder Bay to Sault Ste. Marie

Day 1 – Winnipeg to Thunder Bay


Well, today was our first day heading into new territory.  Despite the 1000 km we’d already travelled to get to Winnipeg, it didn’t really feel like we were doing anything different until we set out from there.  (We do that Winnipeg trip at least once or twice a year to visit family.)  The day started early and with a bang!  Literally.  A bang.  Continue reading Day 1 – Winnipeg to Thunder Bay