By: Trisha Yanke

We’ve talked about how one thing we want to do when we get out to the east coast is go on a whale watching tour.  Before we had considered going to Newfoundland, I just assumed we would do it when we were at the Bay of Fundy in New Brunswick; but now we have options!  By doing a quick google search for Whale Tour options in each location, I found there were a lot more options in Newfoundland.  Those tours also offered the chance to glimpse icebergs as they make their way south along “Iceberg Alley” from Greenland.  Prime iceberg viewing season in Newfoundland is late May and into June.  And, according to this Iceberg Finder website, the last bergs usually melt away near St. Anthony in the first week of August.  Unfortunately, we won’t be in Newfoundland until the last week of July, so I’m not sure if we’ll even have a chance to see icebergs….but I suppose it’s still slightly possible!  Dale and I already planned to visit the north-west peninsula of Newfoundland to see the historical site of L’Anse Aux Meadows, and it just so happens this is where the town of St. Anthony is.  So, if we want a shot at iceberg viewing, I guess this is it!  There is one tour that leaves from this town, Northland Discovery Boat Tours, and I’ve booked it!


I spoke with Mr. Alcock (one of the owners) and he was very helpful in trying to plan our tour; asking what days we’d be in the area, where we were staying before that, etc.  Knowing that we’d only be in the area for a couple of days, he suggested we book our tour for late afternoon the day we would drive into town.  This way if weather was a factor in having to cancel the tour, we would still have another day available to try and reschedule .  He assured me that if something happened with our travel plans, and we couldn’t help being held up on our drive that day, that we could also call and reschedule the booking.

Now……if only I could get in touch with the campground we hope to stay at!  As of right now we have our tour booked, and plans for other things to see/do (check out the pictures from this hiking trail!), but nowhere to actually stay!





One thought on “Ahoy!”

  1. I’ll never let go Jack! I’ll never let go!

    That owner seems very nice to deal with and understanding, that’s always appreciated when traveling.

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