Day 5 – Quebec City to Moncton, NB

Our drive this day was going to be slightly shorter than what we’d been doing up until this point (think 8-9 hours rather than 10-11), and so we didn’t feel as pressured to get up at the crack of dawn to be on the road.  That being said, we also didn’t want to get stuck in the parking lot once Walmart opened and cars started coming in!  Sherri and I had a quick discussion about where we should try to camp that night (near Moncton, NB), and decided on Stonehurst Golf Course and RV Park.  We called to make reservations, and were on the road by 9:00 am.

This part of Quebec was beautiful (now that it was light enough out to actually see what we were driving through!)  We kept watching out the drivers’ side window to see if we could catch glimpses of the St. Lawrence River.

By early afternoon we had finished crossing through Quebec and were pulling into New Brunswick, and our 3rd time zone (we were now on Atlantic Time). DSC01102 (2) As the clock immediately jumped from 1:00 to 2:00 we figured it was probably time to stop for lunch.  Following signs for ‘scenic views’ Erick and Sherri turned off the highway (and we followed shortly behind) only to realize the promised ‘views’ were 15-20 km down the side road.  Ummm, nevermind!  We happened across a different place to park/eat just around the corner from where we’d already pulled off instead.


How amazing are these colourful little cottages!
The kids enjoyed playing on this large structure while we made lunch.


After that it was another 4-ish hours to our campground near Moncton.  After a few late nights of driving, it was sure nice to pull in to our spots in time for supper.  I bought some firewood and we were able to have our first campfire of the trip.  Our spots backed onto a bit of green space, and a playground, with the office/laundry facility on the other side of it.  It was perfect for us to be able to sit and visit, while the kids went to play.  I was also able to do laundry without feeling I needed to sit in the building waiting for it to finish.

Hotdogs for supper tonight!

Off to North Sydney, Nova Scotia in the morning to catch our ferry to Newfoundland that night!



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