Day 2 – Thunder Bay to Sault Ste. Marie

Now that it was Monday, Dale’s first priority was to call the local (Thunder Bay) GMC dealerships to see if either of them happened to have a replacement rear suspension unit in stock; and an appointment available to fix it that day.  Yep, I know – it was a long shot, but it had been weighing on his mind the whole drive the day before.  Not surprisingly, neither place had one.  The second dealership, however, looked up whether anyone else in the area was carrying one.  We asked him if he could check in Sault. Ste. Marie (as that’s where we were headed next).  In an answer to prayer, it turns out they did!  Dale quickly called that dealership.  They did indeed have the part and put it on reservation for him.  They were also able to get us in first thing the next morning to repair it.  This was going to affect our travel plans a bit, as we had another 800 kms planned for Tuesday, and we now would not be leaving until at least noon.


A bridge on our way out of Thunder Bay


And so, we set off for Sault Ste. Marie.  Driving the Trans Canada Highway along the north shores of Lake Superior was probably my favorite scenery yet!  It was definitely hilly, which was a fairly new experience for us prairie dwellers.  However, it was totally worth it to come over a hill, or around a corner and suddenly see the entire vista open up before you:  the deep blue of the massive lake, the scattering of islands, and the lush boreal forest.  It was fun to wonder what might be around the next curve.  Here’s a few ‘through the windshield’ pictures:

Sherri and Erick were about 20 minutes ahead of us, and around lunchtime they sent us a text saying they’d found somewhere nice to stop for lunch.  It was a place called Aguasapon Falls/Gorge just outside of the small town of Terrace, Ontario.  Dale and I totally missed the turn off for it (even with the numerous signs telling us where to go!), so we continued the very short distance into town in order to get gas and turn around.  (Everything certainly takes a little more planning when towing a trailer, you can’t just pull a quick U-Turn!)  We did manage to find the rest stop the second time around, and it was really cool!

I spy with my little eye: a lookout full of Yanke’s!
The water rushing over these falls and then coursing down the narrow gorge was an amazing (and slightly scary) sight!


And then we drove…..and drove…..and drove some more.  At one point the Trans Canada Highway actually became gravel for a few kilometers (there were construction crews working up ahead to re-pave it).  We joked about how we didn’t expect to be on “the 280” so far into Ontario.  (That’s the name of the 300 km gravel road we take out of our town).  Sherri told me later that her and Erick had made the same ‘joke’.

As we headed on towards Sault Ste. Marie, we were very aware of the fact that we didn’t actually have anywhere booked to stay that night  We passed so many campgrounds that were nowhere near full though, so we didn’t think we’d have a problem finding somewhere.  My only concern was the fact that we wouldn’t be getting there until almost 7:30 that night, and what do we do if there’s no staff around?  At least at the last campground we’d already had a site number to go to.  In the end, I found a campground that was on the water and only about 15 minutes from the dealership we would be taking the vehicle to in the morning.  I called to see if they had sites available, and what time the office was open until.  I didn’t actually book anything, but she assured me there were sites and that they would be in the office until 10:00, so that’s where we headed for.  The campground was called Bell’s Point Beach Campground.


Across the water from the campground you can see the state of Michigan, USA.  Just a quick paddle across the water……(kidding, don’t even think about it!)


By the time we finally pulled in to get our sites, everyone was getting a little h’angry (angry because you’re hungry!)  We paid for our ‘30 Amp plus Water’ sites and headed out to find them.  (Sherri made a previous post  all about THAT experience/situation).

We tried to quickly level and unhook so we could get supper going.  At which point we realized we’d made another ‘rookie mistake’.  We did not look for our water/electric hook ups first, and were parked too far away to reach the water.  The only reason Dale and I managed to even reach our electricity was because my Dad had leant us a 30amp extension cord.  Sherri and Erick ended up using a regular extension cord and plugging their trailer into that (which totally works to get power, but you can’t run anything that requires a higher currant, ie: air conditioning/heater/etc.)  Like I mentioned – there’s more to this whole story, but you’ll have to read about it on Sherri’s post!





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