And so it Begins

Our Epic Journey of summer 2017 has FINALLY begun.  Well, sort of.  The first order of business was to head south and pick our trailers up out of storage.  I hear many people talk about how their trailers are stored away from home; like, even up to 2 hours away!  Well, ours were stored about 12 hours away.  The long distance to get to anywhere/do anything kind of becomes “par for the course” when you live in the somewhat remote regions of northern Manitoba.

We took it in two parts to get to the south (Winnipeg area).  The first day was simply the trip out from our town to the next big city.  At one point, near the start of the drive, you have to cross over a dam.  When coming home I always watch for this dam – it’s the point at which I feel like we’re home (even though it’s 20 min. from town).  Our oldest gets very concerned if Dale drives too slowly across (not that you can drive fast either).  It IS kind of cool (scary?) to look to one side and see the water almost up to the road height; then look to the other side and see it plunging multiple stories to meet the river below.


Once past the dam, it’s about a 3.5 hour drive down this road:


It’s been a summer of construction along this provincial road!  Thankfully, delays aren’t usually very long.


Our two families spent that first night in a hotel (well, 2 different hotels actually).  The one (newer) hotel that the Herrera’s stayed at won’t let us stay there anymore.  Intrigued?  This story involves tears, drugs, and a trip to the hospital.  Okay: I had another baby, and our family is now too big to stay in any of their rooms.

The next day we headed out on the 700 km drive to Winnipeg.  Herrera’s had a quick appointment first, then they also hit the road.  We had to stop just north of Winnipeg to drop off some things we were transporting down for my friend Ricci (who very recently moved south *sniff sniff tear*), and for Herrera’s to pick up their trailer – which was stored at Ricci and Steve’s new house.  The kids got a chance to run around; we got a chance for a quick visit; and then it was off to my parents house where our trailer was stored.

We spent 2 nights there, us in the house, Herrera’s in their trailer.  This gave us one day to do any last minute grocery shopping, supply buying, camper packing/arranging and get to various appointments.



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