50 Days and Counting

This feels like it has been the longest wait! From sitting around the campfire discussing the idea of going on an epic road trip one summer to finally heading out on that trip the next summer. But it’s coming! 2 families, 2 trailers, 5 weeks, 5 baseball stadiums, 7 kids, 7 provinces, 13 states, maybe 14, 10,000 kms and zero experience! Whether we like it or not this WILL be an adventure and we all hope we’ll come back still loving each other!

By the way, I’m Sherri. I haven’t written here before. My family is the other side of the Twinnebago travellers.  Our camper is a small 17 footer. It’s not huge, but it’s a fairly big step up from the tent we’ve been using the last few years. Neither Erick or I grew up camping and yet I, for sure, always wanted to. I didn’t have to tug too hard to convince Erick to try out some tenting a few years ago and as much as it is a bit of a hassle for us to get to our closest campground (4 hrs) it’s always such a great time for our family.

Way back on our first camping trip. We borrowed the tent. Just in case camping wasn’t for us.

I think if we are very honest, our little family is not an outdoorsy family. We don’t spend the winter “dying” because we can’t go camping. We don’t fish. We don’t hunt. We like camping, but with a bathroom close by! We even bought a kayak in attempts to encourage an outdoorsy lifestyle. We do try. And when we’re out there, we have a great time. As far as the fishing goes, that’s going to happen. Our oldest caught a fish last summer and was super pumped about it. She can’t wait to try again and actually won a fishing rod at her curling wind-up this winter so now we own one rod. Well, she does. I’m sure we will get some more and I’m confident that it will become something we enjoy.

Speaking of the kayak, that’s a bit of a dilemma. We are trying to decide whether or not to bring it for Epic Road Trip 2017. I think there will be places along the way that we will kick ourselves if we don’t and yet when doing the areas around the big cities or leaving the campground for day trips do we need to worry about it “walking” away? How often does that happen? This is one of the areas where you can see our newbie status. Seasoned campers probably wouldn’t think twice about what to do. They’d just do … it… but what is it that they would do? What should we do? (I’m leaning towards taking it.) I think we need to look into locks for it.

This is the baby from previous picture. She’s a lot bigger now!


So now we are getting close to pick up date and we’re excited with a large dose of “what the heck?” thrown in. While others find time to watch YouTube videos explaining different corners of their trailers, we seem to be ok with a bit more of a winging-it approach. We’ll see how badly that will bite us in the behinds. We have a campsite booked in June close to my family so we can test out our camper and see what kinds of things we will want before we head out on the open highway. Things like storage options, bedding, dishes. And the million other little things that I’m sure we will just NEED for our trailering life.

Oh, take a look at this! This past Christmas we spent the holiday at my aunt and uncle’s cabin and they had a cooktop that Erick really enjoyed cooking on. Bacon, pancakes, burgers, you name it. We also need a proper BBQ because our little Canadian Tire special is pretty pathetic. So we found this baby. It’s the BBQ we need with great reviews and the cooktop that Erick wants. I like making homemade tortillas and I can see this being great for that. It’s a bit big and we have our fingers crossed that it’ll fit somehow in the trailer during travel. And I can’t wait to use it. Since we don’t have an oven I think this is a great compromise. It’s called the Blackstone Tailgater and it was hard to come by. It kept selling out while we contemplated the purchase. The last time it came up as available was at wayfair.ca and we quickly jumped on it. We’ll let you know how it is!


Along with that beauty we have a bunch of supplies like hoses, attachments, levellers, surge protectors and probably more all shipping to my parents so we will pick it all up when we head out on our test trip in June. It’ll be like Christmas!! Except the gifts are mostly things you would never actually want for Christmas. Still excited though. I can’t wait for that first night all tucked in together in our new trailer. The girls are going to be all squirrelly and I’m going to be looking at every corner in there trying to come up with the best storage ideas. It’s gonna be fun.

So, here we go!! 50 – 49 – 48 – 47 – 46 ……..



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