Picture this….

It’s been a while!  After our two families had bought our trailers and started making campsite bookings, I felt such an urgency to start this blog.  (Mostly to catch up with all we’d already missed sharing along the way!)  But once I’d done just that, I ran into the reality of the situation:  There is a lot of waiting left to do until our departure date!  I’d like to think that if I got really creative I could still find something ‘post-worthy’ to share daily….okay, maybe weekly.  Anyway, this is my attempt to do exactly that.

Photography.  (See, it’s still trip/blog related – we, of course, will want to have pictures to share!)  Sherri actually got me thinking about this a couple of weeks ago when she was attempting to take some pictures for the sew-along contest she was participating in.  She was making plans to get together with a local photographer who was willing to give her some advice/tips.  It got me reflecting on my own photography prowess…..that is to say, my ability to ‘point-and-shoot’ with Dale’s cell phone.  Ha.

So I decided to spend an afternoon learning a little more about cameras in general, and some photography basics.  And I do mean basics!  Did I already know that a camera had a shutter and an aperature……ummm…..I want to say ‘yes’ here; they are very ‘camera-y’ words after all.  However, I had no real idea of what they did, how or why to adjust them, and what the heck is ‘ISO’????  (Apparently another important setting in the tri-fecta for picture brightness.)

I definitely want to give a shout out to the website improvephotography.com . I spent an entire afternoon learning some basics, and left feeling a little bit more camera smart.  More than anything, it whet my appetite for more information and a chance to try out some manual camera settings.  I did get a chance, over spring break, to take pictures at our local VBS day camp.  It was good to try out what I’d so far just read about.  And can I tell you, the pictures turned out AMAZING!  (No really, can I tell you that?  It might make me feel better…..because I think in the end the best shots I got were still the ones I did in automatic mode!)  Oh well.  I’m not giving up – I really want to be able to take some great shots of our holidays to share here!  The improvephotography website also offers a short introductory to photography course (for $15) in video form that I’ve been eyeing up.  I think that may be my next step.


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