Onward and Westward

By: Trisha Yanke

The last day or two have seen us looking west.  Well…..west of where we last booked campsites anyways – this whole trip is, otherwise, east of us!  The guys (Dale and Erick) finally sat down this week and booked the 5 baseball games they will be going to.  That number has been up and down over the last month, and it feels good to finally have the decisions made and the tickets booked!  Those games are kind of the ‘backbone’ of the United States portion of our trip, as all our dates/locations need to work around them.  I’ve asked/told Dale he should write a post on here about what they’ve chosen……so I’ll wait and leave it up to him to fill in those details.

We have almost a week to spend in Pennsylvania, and then need to book it to get over to Chicago for the weekend; so Sherri and I have begun searching out campgrounds in those two areas.  I’ve been looking in the Chicago area, and it seems there is very little available unless we camp a good hour out of the city – which is probably what we’ll end up doing.  There are a couple locations that are close to the train, which will take you right into the city.  This definitely appeals to me, as the guys can then leave us the vehicles for the day and they don’t have to worry about parking.  I’m going to do some more research on those.

Sherri’s been looking at some options in Pennsylvania.  One of the things she came across to do is a water/theme park called Idlewild & Soak Zone.  It looks like a lot of fun, and since we’ve cancelled our plans to go to Wisconsin Dells this seems like a nice alternative.  One of our kids birthday also happens to be during the week we’re in that area – so maybe this could be a good birthday option!  There are numerous campgrounds to choose from, but now we just need to filter out the ones with poor reviews, and the ones that cost too much! (The exchange rate…..oh, the exchange rate! It’s an extra little gut-punch when I remember we still need to account for that.)

Ps – for the record, Sherri does have every intention of posting on this blog too, but is currently focused on a big sew along for Project Run and Play – an online sewing competition.  Let me tell you, we’ve joked about how if it weren’t completely ridiculous we would totally have to bring our sewing machines along on our trips.  Can you imagine!!!?!?! LOL!


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