The wait….

By: Trisha Yanke

When you live in the north winter is long.  And cold.  And snowy.  And long.  And kind of dark. And long. And did I mention it’s long?  So what do many people do? Why, take advantage of the warmer climates farther south of course!  Now, I’m not mentioning this because we have winter travel plans.  We, in fact, are not planning on leaving town until sometime in June when we can FINALLY pick up our new trailer!  *squeee!*   I have found, however, that even having plans to travel at the end of winter somehow makes it go by faster.  There’s something about the distraction of planning, and the hope of a good time to come that make the cold, house-bound days of winter seem to pass a little quicker.


We had a monumental snowfall/blizzard over the past few days and I’m currently completely snowed in (well, the vehicle is anyways – waist high, hard packed snowdrifts cover most of our driveway…..waiting on the snow plow!).  It’s made for a bit of excitement; a change from the day to day; as I don’t think our town has seen snow like this in a long time (ever???)  School even closed for a couple days.  That doesn’t happen here.  Ever.  Not for snowfall anyways.  But today the sun is shining bright and if I close my eyes I can almost picture the green grass, budding plants, campfires and fresh air…….as long as no one reminds me that it’s still -43° Celsius with the wind chill.




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