A Late Start


By:  Trisha Yanke

When we originally talked about starting a blog it was late August.  And now it’s February.  Needless to say, we were not really ‘on-the-ball’.  We spent the Fall looking at trailer options, comparing prices, comparing dealerships, and watching a lot of YouTube videos.  (There are lots of videos out there if you want a dealership ‘walkthrough’ – which is great; but we had a lot harder time finding actual customer review videos).   We live in a pretty remote community, and the nearest dealerships are a good 12 hour drive from us.  We were depending a LOT on pictures, videos, reviews, and our one planned trip to actually see some trailers in person.

After we had narrowed our search down to a few options, Sherri found and told me about a ‘Winnebago Minnie Travel Trailer Owners’ group on Facebook.  We both joined it.  We also joined one other ‘trailer brand owner’ group each, based on our other trailer interests.  What a wealth of information those groups ended up being!  Some were more helpful than others, but the Winnebago group was stellar and certainly helped sway our decision a bit.

I thought about going ‘back in time’ and writing more about our actual search for the ‘right’ trailer…..but I’m not entirely sure I want to re-live it all!  From the days where we thought we were working out a group deal (to buy 2 trailers from the only Winnebago dealer in our province), to the days we considered a different brand all together, to the day my husband came home and said he thought maybe we should just ‘not buy a trailer at all’, to our phone calls trying to see if an out of province dealer would beat a price, to the day we actually made a deal (that original ‘group deal’, actually) and another dealership STILL kept calling to try and sway us.   My poor brain and heart rode an emotional rollercoaster!  I just wanted to be done with the trailer decision making, and feel like I could move on to the actual trip planning!

All this to say, maybe the late start to this blog was an okay thing in the end after all.  Our trailers are purchased and awaiting pick-up in the spring, and our trip planning is underway. (More on that in a later post…..)


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